About Farfisa


FARFISA is among the leading international ‘players’ in the market of equipment for intercom and video intercom systems, being present in over 60 countries around the world through over 100 intercom distributors.

Farfisa designs and develops solutions and systems for video surveillance, communications, buildings access control and their automation, which contributes to increasing the comfort and security of private, professional and commercial spaces.

Farfisa products combine design, function and durability to achieve perfection….. from technical functions designed for buildings with large number of user to advanced industrial needs, from Internet communication providing mobility and security of communication needs to products with distinct and ergonomic shapes for a perfect combination with varied and specific environments and furniture.

Technologies used in Farfisa intercom and video intercom systems

  • DUO system – digital communication on 2 polarized or non-polarized wires; ideal for audio or video systems, with a large number of subscribers, in large buildings or residential complexes;
  • Pluggy system – 2-wire communication; the ideal solution for unidirectional video systems;
  • IP Way system – being based on TCP/IP data networks is very versatile and can be used in a wide variety of fields, from large residential complexes with multiple users to industrial spaces or professional offices.
  • Mycom system – wireless communication based on 3G technology; calls from the external station are transmitted directly on fixed or mobile phones, therefore, there are no limits on the wiring possibilities and distances to users.

Quality and Guarantee

Farfisa equipment and accessories are manufactured in Italy, Le Marche region, where Farfisa carries out its design and production activity within a site that covers an area of approximately 6000m².

The equipment developed by Farfisa complies with the current European regulations on electromagnetic compatibility and safety, and their quality is guaranteed by complying with the standards imposed by the ISO9001 quality management system implemented within the company.