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Digital Sensor System

As an ISO certified, the Swiss company GeoSIG is a world leader in design and manufacture of a wide range of high quality and precision instruments for vibration and earthquake monitoring.

Since 1992, GeoSIG, together with important scientific and academic institutions around the world, has been actively involved in the fields of seismology, geophysics, civil engineering and earthquake engineering, participating and contributing to studies on protection against natural hazards, but more dangers caused by man himself.

GeoSIG tools operate today in over 100 countries around the world. More than 300 installations which monitoring dams, nuclear power plants and major structures on each continent are a testament to the global presence of GeoSIG and its ability to provide solutions for demanding applications.

The systems developed by GeoSIG, which include a wide range of sensors, recording equipment, data acquisition systems, seismic switches, specific communication equipment as well as software applications and tools for programming, monitoring and analysis, can be offered in standard or highly customized to meet challenging requirements in many areas, such as:

  • Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) & Rapid Response (RR) solutions
  • Monitoring and measuring seismic activities and earthquakes in the following areas:
  • Industrial Facilities – monitoring and automatic actuators
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Mixed Power Plants – natural gas / coal
  • Production Units
  • High Precision Installations
  • Mines
  • Structural Health and Response Monitoring (SHRM)
  • Structural monitoring of historic and aged buildings
  • Structural analysis and environmental vibration test
  • Induced vibration monitoring
  • Monitoring of dams, bridges, tunnels, high rise buildings, highways, railways, pipelines
  • Research and scientific applications