Detection carbon monoxide and LPG


By connecting different types of sensors (with the electrochemical cell, infrared sensor, catalytics) various gases can be monitored: toxic gases, combustible or non-combustible, oxygen.
The gas detector will signal (via potential-free contacts or industrial signal 4-20mA) prealarm and alarm when exceeding the gas concentrations that are preprogrammed in it, signals are transmitted to a central evaluation unit placed outside the monitored area, area that can also be potentially explosive.

A widely used detection system is the carbon monoxide and LPG detection and alarm system for underground parking. It performs functions of detecting carbon monoxide and LPG (at a concentration that depends on the type of gas detected), visual and acoustic signaling when the alarm threshold exceeds, self-testing of the central equipment and of the lines of detection and signaling, the command of the fire dampers and toxic gases exhaust fans.

The detection and alarm carbon monoxide / GPL system consists of:

  • Detection and alarm central;
  • Carbon monoxide/GPL detectors;
  • Alarm sirens with flash;
  • Manual command buttons for the toxic gases exhaust fans.