Public address & Evacuation


Public address and vocal evacuation systems are designed to broadcast voice messages of warning and control, announced by a human operator or pre-recorded, in places frequented by the general public: shopping malls, stadiums, performance halls, office buildings, theaters, supermarkets, hospitals, schools etc.

In crisis situations (fire, earthquake, etc.), these systems contribute to saving lives, greatly reducing the panic through waiting messages and support and minimize property damage. They can be installed in new and / or existing buildings and it is recommended that their integration is made with safety systems (eg fire detection systems). Messages to the public can be made directly by the receptionists (in the case of shopping centers) or you can create pre-recorded messages to be broadcasted in specific situations (eg verbal coordination to the nearest exit in case of fire / natural disasters).

The basic components of public address and evacuation system are: mixer amplifier, dedicated fire-resistant speakers (under certain conditions), backup power supplies, microphone consoles for announcements and firefighters, etc.

For more complex applications there are required decentralized structures, these having their own memory and processing resources. Thus, the failure of a component is signaled immediately and does not affect the overall functioning of the power supply due to the use of back-up amplifiers, etc.