IP CCTV Video Surveillance Systems Design

For the design of IP video surveillance systems, the functional and operational requirements of the system are taken into account, first of all, requirements that are found in the measures presented in the physical security risk assessment and treatment report of the Risk Analysis. In this sense, Roelsystems specialists propose high-performance solutions, easy to implement, optimal in terms of cost / quality ratio.

The entire concept of IP video is based on the network structure and the suite of TCP / IP protocols. The most commonly used type of network is the one with IP packet switching. These packets contain all the information needed to arrive safely from source to destination, the network can be local (LAN), metropolitan (MAN) or widely distributed (WAN).

The design of vieo IP surveillance systems is carried out in compliance with the legal requirements and regulations in force (SR EN 50132 family of standards, network standards: Ethernet (10Mbit / s), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit / s), Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit / s) s), the Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard – a standard that allows the supply and transport of data on the same cable., etc.).

Also, when designing IP video systems, the following factors are taken into account to define the installation conditions: what type of area will be monitored (sensitivity and type of lens), lighting conditions, distance from the monitored object and viewing angle. , there is or is not much traffic in the monitored area.

The team of specialists within RoelSystems meets the requirements and needs of the Company’s clients by carrying out projects that contain state-of-the-art solutions regarding IP video surveillance systems.