Fire Detection


The fire detection and alarm installations are designed depending on the risk of fire, type of building,construction importance category and the parameters that are monitored: the room temperature, the appearance of smoke, hazardous or explosive gas emanation, the appearance of a flame etc. .

The fire detection in special environments refers to the hazardous areas associated with the constructions, danger that can be generated by: the existence of flammable gases or fumes, combustible dust or fibers etc. Industrial gas detection can be done for a wide range of substances: methane, propane, butane, LPG, pentane, hydrogen, oxygen, alcohol, ammonia, carbon dioxide, etc., and the detectors are chosen according to the protected environment: normal , dust-proof, explosion-proof.

Roel Systems provides complex and flexible solutions tailored to target each fire detection objective, for operations and signaling in case of fire as well as dangerous gas detection.
We are approved for IGSU, we offer consulting, design, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance for fire detection systems in ordinary areas, carbon monoxide detection systems and explosive detection environments all over the country.