Clock network


man looking at clock and business strategy on a wallImagine a world where we can not coordinate. We wait for trains and planes that are being delayed; all because of different interpretations of time in various areas (transport, energy, Television, industrial areas, etc )

Fortunately there are solutions for the unification of time so that we can coordinate and plan our daily activities.

In a house there in an average of 10 watches. And yet we go to work according to the time indicated on your mobile phone ( GSM network time ) or by radio or TV time. What shows the need for unification and coordination of hours. Synchronizing the time in the world is provided by a network of 24 satellites that are part of a GPS system. The GPS antenna receives a message every second (time and date), decodes it and sends it to the master clock.

Clock display systems offer many advantages for your business:

  • Synchronizing the production lines
  • The functioning of all departments in a company by a precise timetable
  • Improving work efficiency and employee morale

Roel Systems offers Clock display systems for public institutions, companies, factories, hospitals, schools, railway stations, banks, hotels, televisions, where the accuracy of time is crucial.