Nurse calling


Nurse talking on the phoneThe Nurse Call System appeared for the obvious need of immediately calling for competent staff in the medical area by a patient present in a medical reserve or by nurses in need of extra help . The Nurse Call Equipment facilitates the communication between patient and the medical staff of a medical or care center. It allows the contact and alert of care personnel made by the patient by pressing a button.
The main advantages of the Nurse Call System are:

  • the fast intervention of medical staff, thus avoiding the occurrence of major incidents ;
  • the increase in patient satisfaction and trust in the medical staff ;
  • the communication platform specifically designed for hospitals and clinics in order to improve the acoustic and visual signaling in case of an emergency ;
  • reducing the response time, thus enabling call management and a high degree of communication fluidity ;
  • checking the medical staff operability by the management team.

We live in a world of digital systems and IP , which allows us to integrate the Nurse Call Systems with other systems of communication , data, public address , phone , room light control , etc.

… And the systems continue to expand their capabilities beyond the use in the safety area , heading towards increasing patient satisfaction , operational efficiency and communication with staff ,the integration in the computer information system of the hospital using smart devices in patients’ rooms . They also allow for system expansion with minimal costs , based on the existing hardware infrastructure and core .