Service and maintenance


IP CCTV Video Surveillance Systems Service and Maintenance

In accordance with GD 301/2012 and with the indications of the equipment manufacturers, for the good functioning of the video surveillance system, it is recommended that the system be checked at regular intervals. The service and maintenance of the video surveillance system is performed by specialized teams, accredited in the field. Roelsystems has trained personnel with long experience in the maintenance of video surveillance systems, also Roelsystems has IGPR approvals for the design, installation, service and maintenance of video surveillance systems.

If the system is checked periodically, the frequency of incidents is significantly reduced – preventive interventions aimed at mitigating the effects of equipment wear and removing the main factors that can lead, over time, to system malfunctions. On the other hand, for unpleasant situations that require service, the existence of a service and maintenance contract concluded with a specialized company offers the beneficiary the comfort given by the guarantee that he will benefit from quality services, as a priority, based on preferential rates.

The technical revisions for the IP video surveillance systems check the mechanical clamps, the appearance of potential obstructions of the visual field, the software of the IP equipment, the software of the processing equipment, monitoring, functional verifications on the equipment, supply voltages, connections. The cameras are also cleaned so that the image quality is not affected.

The frequency of the periodic technical revisions is established together with the beneficiary of the system depending on the indications of the equipment manufacturer, on the physical security risks identified at the objective but not less than one revision per semester.