Risk Analysis


Risc Analysis

The physical security risk analysis represents the basis for the adoption of the security measures of the objectives, goods and values ​​provided by law, measures transposed in the security plan and the technical security system installed at the objective.

The role of risk analysis is to highlight the degree of vulnerability that an institution / economic agent has in the face of a possible threat, to assess the risk to physical security and to propose measures to reduce them.

The closed circuit television system is part of the technical security system, its role being to carry out the surveillance of the functional areas, areas established according to the activity carried out. There are cases in which the mere presence of a video surveillance camera can lead to the intimidation of a possible criminal, giving up committing the deed.

RoelSystems has qualified personnel to perform the physical security risk analysis in accordance with GD 301/202, Instructions no. 9/2013 and the regulations that complete them. Our specialists perform a professional risk assessment in a logical and orderly manner so that the proposed risk treatment measures lead to a high degree of physical security in terms of an optimal cost / benefit ratio.