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For intrusion detection and alarm systems to operate normally they must be regularly checked and approved by a specialized firm in this area. Service and maintenance are aiming the optimal functioning of the systems installed through preventive maintenance, predictive and corrective. In the event of deficiency or abnormal functioning of the systems, one shall immediately notify the service department of our company, which shall intervene for repair and restoration of the systems to perform as designed.

One of the advantages of continuous maintenance of the equipment by qualified personnel is the reduction of the frequency of incidents, by mitigating the effects of equipment wear. Another advantage is to avoid the discomfort caused by extreme situations and on the moment searches of a service provider in the maintenance of such equipment.

Service and maintenance are part of the range of integrated services and turnkey solutions offered by Roel Systems. A service and maintenance contract ensures regular checking your security systems, prioritizing your referral and tariffs.

Under current legislation, all beneficiaries of fire detection and alarm systems and burglary detection and alarm systems, are required to sign a maintenance contract with a company specialized and approved in the maintnance of fire and burglary detection systems.

Extract from HG 301/2012 – Technical standards for the design, installation, modification, monitoring, maintenance and use of burglary alarm systems. All beneficiaries of burglary alarm systems are required to individualize the access codes of user personnel and change them regularly.

Periodical technical revisions include all the operations required to maintain in function the technical subsystems installed at the designed parameters and their frequency is determined by the customer, according to security risks to physical and surrounding environment, but at least one inspection per semester.

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