Seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring systems and measurements


What seismic monitoring is

Seismic monitoring in high-risk areas, such as Romania, is very important for the prevention of human lives loss, but also of material loss.

The recorded data in the case of a building monitoring helps to evaluate its safety after a major earthquake, so that it can be decided very easily whether it is necessary to evacuate staff or not.

Also, seismic and vibration monitoring is of major importance in the case of industrial platforms or very old buildings of historical importance. In both cases, based on the information provided by the monitoring systems, measures can be taken in advance to prevent possible disasters.

Roel Systems has as partner for this interesting domain, the Swiss company GeoSIG.

Services offered by Roel Systems:

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Parts of a seismic monitoring system:


Accelerometru Fig.3_AC-7x
Fig.3 AC-7x Series
Accelerometru Fig.4_AC-7x-DH
Fig.4 AC-7x-DH Series

Seismometru Fig.6_2VE-5x
Fig.6 Arolla – VE-5x Series
Seismometru Fig.5_Arolla VE
Fig.5 Arolla VE Series

Inregistrator Fig.8_nair-GMS series
Fig.8 Nair-GMS series
Inregistrator seismic Fig.7_scai-GMS series
Fig.7 Scai-GMS series
Inregistrator seismic Fig.10_GMS NetQuakes
Fig.10 GMS NetQuakes
Inregistrator seismic Fig.9_GMSplus
Fig.9 GMSplus

Alarma / Switches
Fig.11 Seismic Switch
Fig.12 Automatic Seismic Trip System (ASTS)

Fig.13 ETH-LLAN Module
Fig.14 ETH-FLAN Module
Fig.15_GXX-3GUX Series 3G
Fig.15 3G modem

Fig.16 GPS Module
Fig.17 Junction box
Fig.18 External Power Module with Backup Battery

Compact Solutions
Fig.19 GeoSwitch

GeoSwitch is a complete seismic switching system, including four triaxial accelerometers organized in GeoSIG RQM™ format, a digital threshold detection circuit with up to three independent switching levels, output relays and backup power.

Due to its performance, GeoSwitch offers extremely accurate detection of strong earthquakes or structural vibrations with various safety shutdown options, it can be used in a wide range of applications such as industrial processes, chemical processes, gas valves, hazardous systems, solenoids, elevators, walkways, electronic gates and doors.

GeoSwitch is supplied in a versatile single-input industrial box for all connections.

Recorder connectivity and supply options:

Exemplu de implementare monitorizare seismica

Structural monitoring for typical buildings