Installation and commissioning


IP Video Surveillance Systems Installation and Commissioning

The installation of the IP video surveillance system must be performed by qualified personnel, in accordance with GD 301/2012.

With over 20 years of experience in installing video surveillance systems, Roelsystems has teams of professionals who, being guided by experienced engineers in the field, are able to meet the most demanding demands of the beneficiaries.

IP technology is a state-of-the-art technology, the advantages of installing a system using this technology being multiple (clearly superior image quality, high coverage of the “monitored” surface, information is secure, storage and management of the system can be done remotely).

The installation of the system is done in compliance with the exact design of the video surveillance system and the instructions of the equipment manufacturer. Very important for determining the place and the way the rooms will be placed is the viewing angle of the room. From this point of view, the cameras are positioned so as to avoid blind spots as much as possible, so that one camera covers the other. Also, the rooms mounted on the outside will be placed at heights high enough not to be easily vandalized. The recording equipment is positioned in protected areas from the point of view of security, also the back-up supply of the system must be ensured.

The facilities of installing a video surveillance system are multiple, among them we mention: prevention of a possible attempted burglary by the deterrent effect produced on the offender, security offered to the beneficiary of the system who has the possibility to monitor in real time the areas of interest, the possibility of detecting criminals viewing recorded images, images that are kept (according to GD 301/2012) for 20 days.

The commissioning of the IP video surveillance system is performed in the presence of the beneficiary, who is instructed in the use of the system. Also, the beneficiary of the system will be handed a series of documents according to the legislation in force.