The UK manufacturer Haztec International specialists in the design & manufacture of visual & audible warning systems for vehicles around the world, often customized to meet customer-specific applications.

Haztec products are rigorously tested both within the company and by third parties to ensure that they can be used extensively, regardless of the environment.
In addition, most visual warning devices are certified for light intensity and dispersion according to ECE R65 (EC65 or UN65) by independent certification bodies. Visual products are also tested for their resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and water ingress, ensuring they provide reliable, trouble-free operation under wide-ranging climatic conditions. Similarly, audible warning devices are subject to rigorous endurance tests.
Haztec International is certified according to the international quality management standard ISO 9001.

The Haztec product range includes the following categories:

• Beacons
• Lightbars
• Directional warning lights
• In-vehicle lighting
• Work, scene and search lights
• Programmable LED modules for messages displaying and arrowbars
• Electronic sirens with power amplifiers
• Speakers with various powers and shapes